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Enhance your business operations with our pioneering web application services! Tool-E is an acclaimed, dedicated provider of high-quality logistics and efficient catalog management for e-Commerce Solutions. We create effective eTools that allow you to improve your business performance with powerful eCommerce benefits. Experience the advanced capabilities of our cutting-edge SaaS solutions.

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Improve your e-store

With some of the best and most reliable eTools available on the market from ToolE. We create effective eTools that allow you to improve your business performance with powerful eCommerce benefits. 

Increase your sales

We help you construct a bridge between your business and online marketplaces. With some of the best and most reliable eTools available on the market from ToolE.

Increase customer engagement

Tap into the global market. Expand your customer base globally. We help you construct a bridge between your business and online marketplaces.

Reliable Hosting & Support

At ToolE we offer optimal hosting and multilingual customer support. Experience the advanced capabilities of our cutting-edge SaaS solutions and enhance your business operations with our pioneering web application services!

Why our users LOVE our ToolE Applications

Amazon Bopis
Amazon Bopis@GM Gastro
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We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it actually was to start offering local pickup options for our Amazon orders and handle them directly through Shopify. ..
Amazon Easy Tool
Amazon Easy Tool@Lane Frost Brand🇺🇸
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We had a unique situation where a lot of people were already selling our products on Amazon. Trying to connect them seemed like a giant standing in front of us. Amazon Easy Tool team went above and beyond and was able to connect everything. Their tech support is AMAZING! We look forward to our continued relationship.
Quotations Pro
Quotations Pro@Cornel Daniel N
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The module purchased from the developer was extremely efficient and useful for restyling the theme. Regarding the developer support, the feedback is positive and is characterized by professionalism, involvement and impeccable communication.
Quotations Pro
Quotations Pro@Shopcreator I 🇬🇧
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This module is much more powerful than the quote module on our previous platform. My colleagues love the ‘all in one place’ design and this makes tracking any quotes so much easier, especially if a staff member is away. It is extremely easy to use and can be easily edited in terms of automated email content. The best part is the customer can agree to the quote and immediately pay via the module, saving some time for each party. This should prove to be a game changer for us and our customers.
Product Rental
Product Rental@Gonzalo Sl N
Read More
Good product with many configuration options!
Product Rental
Product Rental@Rick M 🇳🇱
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Snel, duidelijk, super klantenservice ! zeer vriendelijk en een prima module
Property Rental and Booking Manager
Property Rental and Booking Manager@Nathalie M
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One of the best, and fastest support. They solve all my problems (due to a different theme) without any delay. Thanks so much, great team, great Job, great module
Amazon Market Tool
Amazon Market Tool@Jose
Read More
Excellent integrator, allows me to connect without problems and its very easy to use. High expectations for the features for FBA and Prime... Pro plan is definetly the best option for small businesess.
Amazon Market Tool
Amazon Market Tool@David R 🇬🇧
Read More
This module is amazing and the support received is first class. Would totally recommend this module and the support received when I had a few issues were promptly dealt with. Replies received within minutes of rasing a concern. These guys are AMAZING.

Our Global Partners

Maximize Your eStore Growth Potential Improve your eStore increase sales increase customer engagement reliable hosting and support 

Amazon Easy Tool for Shopify

Synchronize your inventory and instantly access orders using our latest Amazon's cutting-edge technology from ToolE.

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Amazon Market Tool for Prestashop

Supercharge Your Selling with the Amazon Market Tool (AMT)! Unlock the Power of Catalog Export, Prime Management, Inventory Magic, Price Wizardry, and Effortless Order Fulfillment with Shipping Templates Galore from ToolE.

Find out more

Quotations Pro for Prestashop

Boost sales by efficiently handling customer inquiries, generating direct offers with discounts and personalized shipping rates. Enable customers to place orders directly through quotes or create orders and quotes seamlessly from the back office.

Find out more

BookE ‑Rent Property & service for Shopify

Level Up Your Store into a Thriving Rental Empire with this ToolE App! Say Goodbye to Commission Fees and Embrace the Power of Profit with Just 2 Magical Clicks!

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Product Rental for Prestashop

Experience streamlined processes for searching, booking, payment, and rental management. This revolutionary ToolE solution enables lightning-fast online renting and selling!

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At ToolE we offer an extensive range of tools and services designed to facilitate your seamless and efficient connectivity with various marketplaces.

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Take advantage of Amazon’s Scope with ToolE’s exclusive Amazon eTools

Creating Amazon Seller Account
Click And Collect Prestashop


Enhance your PrestaShop online store by incorporating new features and optimizing its performance with a wide array of high-quality modules and SaaS apps. ToolE partners with PrestaShop, being an open-source platform, and provides the flexibility for third-party modules to be seamlessly integrated, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific ecommerce requirements.

Shopify And Amazon Integration


Shopify apps are invaluable tools that enable you to extend the functionality of your Shopify store. They simplify your day-to-day operations, enhance the performance of your CMS, and ultimately contribute to the success and growth of your ecommerce venture. Check out our ToolE apps on the Shopify App Store to help you boost your sales and expand your customer reach.

Shopify And Amazon Integration


Most frequent questions and answers

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to end users over the internet. We provide hosting services for your feeds, ensuring they are regularly updated on our servers. Our team is dedicated to enhancing our solutions and introducing new features. Additionally, at ToolE we offer free support to address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to contact [email protected] anytime!

Getting started is as simple as choosing a selling plan and setting up an Amazon seller account.

Choosing the right integration solution will speed up the process to help you list products, choose a fulfillment method, and monitor your performance. Check out our ToolE Amazon selling integration solutions.


With Amazon Market Tool for Prestashop. you can easily import your products from Amazon. 

Amazon Easy Tool for Shopify.  -syncs existing products between Shopify and Amazon. 

Consult our help center, follow the steps, and utilize the mentioned tools, you can effectively import products from Amazon into your Shopify or Prestashop store. 

Elimination of Manual Data Entry: automate the capture of business and sales information to improve decision-making, marketing, and overall efficiency

Accurate Data and Inventory Levels: provides accurate data and inventory levels to prevent stockouts and overselling

Scalability and Flexibility: Choose a scalable, flexible, and compatible solution with third-party systems to support your business’s growth and changing needs. Our platform offers an array of solutions tailored to your business needs: Our eCommerce solutions

At ToolE we charge for our services periodically to account for hosting and development expenses. We have opted for monthly billing to provide you with greater flexibility. You have the freedom to modify your subscription size each month based on your requirements, ensuring you only pay for what you need. This approach enables you to customize the service to suit your specific needs and maintain control over your expenses. See our products and plans available here: Our Products
Feel free to contact support at any time for any further questions. 

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