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Creating digital tools for success

Achieve your goals swiftly with the most simple and efficient etools on the market.

ToolE was born after the InterSoft IT consulting team firm realized how confusing it can get for some merchants to get the right tools and quality standards they deserve for their online business. We aim to display across this B2C platform only top-notch latest technology tools for small to medium eCommerce businesses.

ToolE is offering merchants the perfect balance of usability and sophistication. Our platform provides an array of digital solutions for any business, from marketplace integration, inventory management, desk tasks to logistics tracking. Our tools are designed with ease-of-use in mind, allowing users to quickly set up their eCommerce stores without having to worry about complicated coding or software development. We partner up with the best leading brands on the market and well experienced solution architects to ensure cost-effective and high quality standards.

Furthermore, our customers can benefit from a host of features such as comprehensive reporting capabilities, powerful APIs and integrations with leading platforms (e.g., Shopify), making it easier than ever before for them to manage their online businesses efficiently. We also provide personalized multi-lingual support services that enable merchants to get the most out of ToolE’s products through customized advice and guidance.

We believe that by providing digital solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses, ToolE can help them achieve their goals swiftly.




E-commerce integration specialist

Our founder, Dinah, is a seasoned expert in international trade and logistics with a decade of experience in e-commerce. Her goal is to create an innovative marketplace for automated tools that alleviate the extensive logistical challenges faced by small to medium online merchants. Our ToolE solutions are designed to make it easier for businesses to manage and ship their products globally – simplifying everyday operations across multiple hosted CMS platforms.

Our Mission

To provide top–tier, reliable eCommerce tools via easy–to–use SaaS cloud services for small–to–medium businesses (SMBs). With our solutions, SMBs can easily and affordably achieve success in the eCommerce marketplace.

Our Vision

To become a highly trusted and reliable eTool provider for small and medium businesses in the global online market. By leveraging our innovative technology and exceptional customer service, we aim to become one of the most sought–after eTool companies in Europe.