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Create your own guest house business with BookE!

Rent out individual rooms, luxury villas, holiday cottages, or even airport transfer services if you like.

You’ll be able to easily create and manage rental listings, availability calendars, bookings, and payments.

Create your own booking.com with Prestashop.

With BookE, you’ll be able to offer your clients of all the tools and information they’ll need to organize their ideal staying.

The advanced search and filter capabilities make finding the right rental a breeze; with additional features such as customer reviews and ratings, you can give your customers a more personalized experience.

The Manager conveniently communicates with third–party booking providers, such as Airbnb or booking.com, so your customers can book their desired destination without ever needing to leave your website.

Some Features: 

• Edit reservation dates, rates, extras and groups, and recalculate reservation totals.
• Create Property Discounts, groups and group rates.
• Select your products that you would like to manage as properties.
• Availability screen, see all rooms with all available rates.
• Manage Room types.
• Create a reservation from the App Settings.


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Fast Set Up

Fast Set Up

Free multilingual Customer Service

Free multilingual Customer Service 24/7

Personalize Your Offer

Personalize your offer

Select Your Products

Select your products that you would like to manage as properties.


We host your feeds on our servers and automatically update them. We are constantly working to improve our solutions and develop new features. Also, we offer free support to answer all your questions.

We periodically charge for our services to cover hosting and development costs. We have chosen monthly billing to offer you more flexibility. You can adjust the size of your subscription each month, according to your needs, and never pay more than necessary.

Starter Plan

  • 2 items available for Booking
  • API Google / iCalendar / AirBNB
  • Up to 30 days availability
  • Apply discounts
  • Support 24/7

Pro Plan

29.90 / month
  • Unlimited Products & rental days
  • Create and apply discounts
  • Deposit Options
  • Track Bookings
  • AutoBlock Dates
  • API Google / iCalendar / AirBNB
  • Set-Reminders
  • Support 24/7