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Get a Massive Boost in traffic for your Local Store

Introducing ‘Click & Collect,’ Amazon’s innovative local selling program designed to seamlessly integrate your online and physical store experiences.

With this program, you can designate specific products for in-store pickup after they’ve been purchased online. This offers a unique opportunity to draw your online customers into your physical retail spaces.

Available in the US, UK, France, and Germany, ‘Click & Collect’ not only modernizes your selling strategy but also provides a convenient and flexible shopping solution for your customers. 

Experience the future of retail with ‘Click & Collect’ and bridge the gap between your online and offline customer journeys!

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Improve your relationship with your local customers!

In Europe, there are over 500 million people across many Amazon Marketplaces, and many of those are prime members. 

Imagine harnessing that incredible reach for your local store!

Click & Collect, allows you to bring your online customers to your local store, creating a better relationship with them while getting extra items in the shopping cart and keeping your inventory organized. 

Click & Collect is the newest Amazon service brought to you by ToolE. Improve margins by eliminating shipping expenses on orders picked up in-store. Optimize your inventory and ROI by making the same inventory available online and to retail shoppers. Continue building customer relationships and Improve Your In-Store Traffic numbers

Click & Collect your items in your local store!


Get notified for in Store Pick Ups

Get notified for in Store Pick Ups

Enable Pick up for specific products

Enable Pick up for specific products

Amazon Click And Collect

Manage your available inventory through a dedicated API

Bring the Customer directly into your store

Bring the Customer directly into your store


Choose the best plan that suits your business needs. All of our plans come with a 14 days FREE trial.

Starter Plan

  • 14 Days Free trial
  • 1 Location
  • Support 24/7

Pro Plan

  • 14 Days Free trial
  • 3 Locations
  • Support 24/7

Mega Plan

  • 14 Days Free trial
  • 5 Locations
  • Support 24/7