Connecting Amazon to Shopify for Beginners – Why You Need an Integration Tool

Selling on multiple sales channels, like Amazon and your own Shopify store, allows you to reach more customers and boost your sales. However, manually keeping inventory and order information synced across platforms can be time-consuming and error-prone.

As a new Shopify + Amazon seller, staying on top of both stores can feel overwhelming. This is where an integration tool like Amazon Easy Tool comes in. This is an automation solution will sync your inventory, orders, customer, and product data between Amazon and Shopify in real-time. We listed some key benefits an integration tool provides beginners below.

Key Benefits:

Save Time With Automatic Syncing

Without a tool to connect the stores, you’ll spend hours each day manually updating stock levels, placing orders, and duplicating other information across Amazon and Shopify. Amazon Easy Tool syncs your data instantly, so you don’t have to spend valuable time on repetitive manual tasks.

Gain Complete Visibility

It’s easy to lose track of orders and customers when shipping from multiple stores. Amazon Easy Tool gives you a single view of all your orders, inventory, and customer accounts in one place through your Shopify dashboard. Say goodbye to confusion over where an item was purchased or which store needs an order fulfilled.

Reduce Errors From Manual Entry

Typos and mistakes are inevitable when updating stores separately. An integration significantly reduces human error by automatically syncing approved data. It also prevents inventory discrepancies that can lead to accidental overselling.

Streamline Order Fulfillment

Having order information in both stores’ databases allows you to quickly see incomplete orders and ship them out efficiently. Amazon Easy Tool ensures orders placed on either Amazon or Shopify are reflected in the other automatically to keep the fulfillment process seamless.

How can Amazon Easy Tool help beginners manage their inventory and orders more efficiently?

Easy Tool takes the headache out of busywork, giving beginners time back to focus on growing their new business through other important tasks instead of repetitive data entry. Here are some ways Amazon Easy Tool can help beginners manage their inventory and orders more efficiently:

Efficient Syncing and Effortless Management:

Automatic Inventory Syncing

The tool continuously syncs inventory levels between Amazon and Shopify in real-time. This prevents overselling and keeps stock accurate across all sales channels without any manual updates. Beginners don’t have to worry about double-checking inventory counts.

Bird’s Eye View of All Orders

The dashboard gives full visibility of orders from both Amazon and Shopify in a single interface. Beginners can quickly see what needs fulfilling without searching multiple systems. They’ll have a clear overview to help manage order volume.

Real-Time Order Notifications

Amazon Easy Tool provides instant alerts when a new order is placed on either Amazon or Shopify. Beginners are notified right away so Fulfillment is not delayed. They can print invoices/labels and ship promptly to maintain good customer satisfaction.

Quick Cancellations and Refunds

Processing returns and cancellations through multiple stores is tedious. The tool allows beginners to quickly cancel orders or issue refunds with just one click directly in Shopify. This saves a lot of time on back-and-forth tasks.

Simplified Tracking and Reporting

Manually tracking metrics across stores is impossible for new sellers. Amazon Easy Tool automates reports on inventory levels, order status, top products and other vital analytics. Beginners gain insights without heavy lifting.

As a new seller, focusing your energy on marketing, customer service and product research will help your business grow faster than getting bogged down in repetitive manual tasks. Let Amazon Easy Tool take care of integration so you can concentrate on the bigger picture. Automatic syncing between the stores is a complete game-changer for beginners just starting out on Amazon and Shopify.

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