Elevate Your PrestaShop Experience with the Quotation Module by ToolE

In the dynamic landscape of ecommerce, adaptation and flexibility are key to success. When it comes to pricing, having a static and rigid approach may not always yield the best results. A more interactive and customer-centric strategy that many business owners are now turning to is the ‘Request for Quote’ strategy. This strategy, especially useful in sectors where a flat price isn’t always feasible, involves customers asking for a price estimate based on their unique needs and expectations. 

How Does ‘Request for Quotes’ Work in PrestaShop?

PrestaShop, by default, doesn’t have a built-in ‘Request for Quote’ feature. However, this functionality can be added through the PrestaShop Quotation Module provided by ToolE. With this module, customers can add products to an ‘Add to Quote’ list to get a comprehensive cost estimate. This allows customers to bundle products together and potentially negotiate better discounts. The module’s key features include:

  • Add to Quote’ button on product pages
  • Customizable quotation form
  • Negotiation via messages
  • Sending and receiving of emails
  • Available on Prestashop Addons

Why is the Quotation Module Significant for Your PrestaShop Store?

Incorporating a ‘Request a Quote’ module in your PrestaShop store can offer several advantages that enhance your ecommerce business’ competitiveness and customer-centricity.

Meeting Diverse Customer Needs

Every customer has unique requirements, budgets, and perspectives when shopping. By enabling them to request a quote, you allow customers to communicate their specific needs and receive a customized cost estimate. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also promotes the completion of transactions.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

A ‘Request for Quote’ feature can reduce the bounce rate of your PrestaShop store by engaging potential customers who might otherwise leave due to dissatisfaction with the listed prices. It encourages these customers to request a price estimate and potentially convert if the price aligns with their expectations.

Facilitating Flexible Pricing

A flexible pricing strategy positively impacts your store’s image, while a rigid pricing structure may deter potential customers. The ‘Request a Quote’ feature allows customers to seek discounts or special deals, which can lead to higher sales and revenue.

Providing Market Insights

By allowing customers to request a cost estimate, you can gain insight into the maximum and minimum prices customers are willing to pay. This information can guide your pricing strategy, product development, and marketing efforts, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Attracting B2B Customers

Business-to-business customers often make bulk purchases and expect discounted prices. The ‘Request for Quote’ module can attract this customer segment by providing a platform for price negotiation and deal closure.

Avoiding Price Wars

By providing a private channel for cost estimates and discounts, you can avoid price wars with competitors. Each quotation remains confidential and unique to each customer’s needs, allowing you to focus on the value you offer.

Create a more personalized shopping experience


Incorporating the Quotation Module in your PrestaShop store is a strategic decision that offers extensive benefits. By catering to diverse customer needs, promoting engagement, and facilitating flexible pricing, you are creating a more personalized shopping experience.

Moreover, this module aids in gathering market insights, attracting B2B customers, and avoiding price wars. By implementing this module, you can unlock new potentials for your ecommerce business and foster stronger connections with your customers.”

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