UPDATE: BookE 2.0 is out!

Good news! BookE is having its first update and it’s evolving into BookE 2.0.

In tooelE our aim is to allow you to get your business started with no trouble. With the new and improved BookE you’ll enjoy of a simpler interface with many new improvements:

1- Simplified access to help center:

In the presentation panel, you’ll now see a get started with BookE button that will lead you to the help center. In case you need any help setting up the app.

Additionally, there’s also a “Schedule set up call now” in case you need of more assistance.

2- Automatic placement of the BookE panel and Product Information panel.

Upon installation, after fetching and linking a product, the BookE panel and the product’s information will be automatically deployed in the front end, so you won’t have to worry about setting it up yourself anymore.

3- Simplified layout:

With the simplification of the back end layout, we’ve also placed the most important panels closer to each other. Now the Shopify Products panel is the first one, so you know that is the first step to take to fetch and link your properties. Right next to it, you’ll be able to check those properties and manage their settings.

This new layout is designed to allow yourself a better access to all the app’s features and management options.

4- Default Rate Settings

Waste no more time organizing and creating rates!

Now upon creating a product it will have default for you to choose. This will speed up the set-up process exponentially and allow you to have your store ready in no time.

Check out BookE’s new upgrade yourself!

With this new simplifications you’ll even be able to make reservations in under 3 minutes. Chek it out yourself!

You can check BookE Yourself right here!

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